Iguana Hunter
Iguana Hunter
20 Apr '10
Absent in the official section at Krakow (Poland)
The film has been selected to to compete in the 50th edition of the Krakow Film Festival, one of the oldest and most pretigious events in Europe exclusively dedicated to shorts. The award-winning films are automatically eligible for the European Film Awards and the Oscars. The screenings will take place from May 31st to June 6th, 2010. More info at www.kff.com.pl

15 Apr '10
Fourth time in Germany (Detmold)
Absent has been selected amongst more than 3000 short films to compete at the festival in Detmold. This is the fourth time up at a German festival (Detmold, Würzburg, Braunschweig, Nüremberg) and reiterates the strong interest in Absent in northern Europe. Screenings to be held from June 10 to 13 at Hangar 21. More info at www.fest-der-filme.de

10 Apr '10
New selection in Chile (Chile. Valparaíso)
For the second time, Absent is participating in a Chilean festival. The Digital Film Festival (DIFF) will screen the short on April 28th, at 16:30 pm, in the Art Cinema of Viña del Mar. See www.festcinedigital.cl

30 Mar '10
Absent in Tarragona (Spain)
The short has been selected for the REC International Film Festival of Tarragona. The event is mainly known for showing feature film debuts from all around the world but also includes an interesting shorts competition. Absent will be screened on April 29th. More info at www.festivalrec.com

26 Feb '10
Premiere in the Netherlands (Breda)
Absent has been selected to compete at the Breda International Film Festival taking place from March 24-28. The festival focuses on independent filmmakers who use the latest technology to explore new ways to tell their own stories. More info at www.filmfestivalbreda.com

24 Feb '10
Absent at Contraplano Festival (Segovia. Spain)
The short will be shown in the official section of the short film festival which will take place in Segovia from March 20-27. See www.contraplano.info

29 Jan '10
Absent selected again in the USA (Stockton. California).
The short film has been chosen to compete at the San Joaquin International Film Festival in Stockton, California. Organised by the San Joaquin Film Society, this festival prides itself on being a showcase of new, innovative, and award-winning works from emerging talents and seasoned artists from the Americas and the World. Screenings from February 19-27. More info at www.sjiff.org

25 Jan '10
Absent at the Clermont-Ferrand short film market (France).
Guillermo Asensio, producer and director of Absent, will be attending the short film market from Monday 1st February until Wednesday 3rd. If you’re interested in meeting up, you’ll be able to find him at the Shorts from Spain stand. Alternatively, leave a note in his pigeon hole. www.clermont-filmfest.com

23 Jan '10
Absent premiere in the U.S. (San Diego. California)
The short film has been selected to participate in the Official Selection of the San Diego International Latino Film Festival, one of the largest and most respected film-related events in Hispanic North America. The festival is promoted by the Media Arts Center San Diego, an organization committed to the Latino community that believes in films as a tool for integration and social change. The screenings will take place at Hazard Center, from March 11 to 21. Programme soon available at www.sdlatinofilm.com

20 Jan '10
Third selection in France (Lille. Nord-Pas-de-Calais)
For the third time, Absent has been selected to compete in France. The Lille European Film Festival, located in the extreme north of the country, will take place from February 26 to 5 March. www.filmcourt-lille.com

06 Jan '10
Absent in Reykjavík (Iceland)
The short film will compete in the Northern Wave International Film Festival. Screenings from 5 to 7 March in Reykjavik. More information soon available at www.northernwavefestival.com

25 Dec '09
Selection in Paris (France)
Absent will participate in the International Festival Signes de Nuit, to be held from March 29 to April 11. Screenings in different sites of the French capital. More details on the website www.signesdenuit.com

21 Nov '09
Absent at Würzburg International Film Festival (Germany)
The short will compete at the Würzburg festival in Bavaria from January 27-31 in the Cinemaxx cinemas. More info at www.filmwochenende.de

14 Nov '09
Festival selection in Tirana (Albania)
The Tirana International Film Festival has selected Absent for its short film competition to be held in the Albanian capital from November 27 to December 6. Further information soon available at www.tiranafilmfest.com

5 Nov '09
Absent in Braunschweig (Germany)
The International festival of Braunschweig, focused on music in film, will screen Absent in its non-competitive short film section. See www.filmfest-braunschweig.de

31 Oct '09
Absent at the Zaragoza Film Festival (Zaragoza. Spain)
The short has been selected to be part of the "35mm National Competition" at the Zaragoza Film Festival (FCZ), to be held from December 9-10. See www.festivalcinezaragoza.com

29 Oct '09
CINECULPABLE selects Absent (Vila-real. Castelló. Spain)
Absent will compete for the “Best short film on 35mm” award at the international short film festival of Vila-real. Screenings will take place from November 16-20.

28 Oct '09
Absent in Asturias (Spain)
The short film will compete alongside other national productions at the Aula 18 festival in San Martín del Rey Aurelio. Festival dates from November 3-10.

27 Oct '09
Absent in Amman (Jordan)
The short has been chosen to be part of the International Official Selection of the
Jordan Short Film Festival (JSFF), to be held in the city of Amman from November 11–14. See www.jordanfilmfestival.com

19 Oct '09
Absent in Soria (Spain)
The short film has been selected for the international short film festival of Soria. Screenings from November 20-29. More info soon at www.certamendecortossoria.org

10 Oct '09
Absent at Falstaff International Film Festival (Stratford-upon-Avon. UK)
The short will compete in the International "Micro-short" section. The festival, which focuses on independent cinema, will run from November 14-20. More info at www.fiff.org.uk

08 Oct '09
Absent on Catalan TV film programme (Televisió de Catalunya)
On Saturday October 17, the TV programme "Sala 33" will broadcast Absent after the feature film.

01 Oct '09
Absent at Zoom Igualada (Barcelona. Spain)
The Zoom Igualada festival, focused mainly on film productions for TV, but with a parallel short film section, have chosen Absent as part of their line-up. Festival dates are November 4-8. www.zoomigualada.org

17 Sept '09
Double première in Greece (Thessaloniki)
Absent is to have its Greek première in the Thess Short Film festival, organised by Yiannis Zachopoulos. The director of the festival was so passionate about Asensio s work that he also programmed an earlier short film titled Are you There? Screening dates are from 26-28 September. See www.azafestival.com

17 Sept '09
French première (Amiens. France)
The International Film Festival of Amiens has chosen Absent to compete in its official short film section « Europe tout court ». The festival will take place from November 13-22 in the French town, just north of Paris. More info soon available at www.filmfestamiens.org

17 Sept '09
Double whammy in Berriozar (Pamplona. Spain)
Two short films, Absent and Yellow Fever, (written, directed and produced by Guillermo Asensio) have been shortlisted to compete in the International social short film festival of Berriozar, near Pamplona in Northern Spain. Screenings will take place from October 17-24. See www.ficbe.com

15 Sept '09
Mònica Muntaner awarded for her performance in Absent (México DF)
The leading actress Mònica Muntaner won the award for “Best Performance” in the Hispanic section of the Short Shorts Mexico festival where more than twenty films were in competition. More info at www.shortshortsfilmfestivalmexico.com/ganadores.php

25 Aug '09
Absent in Mexico (Mexico DF)
The short will compete at the Short Shorts Film Festival 2009 between September 3-11. Programme shortly available at www.shortshortsfilmfestivalmexico.com/ganadores.php

25 Aug '09
Absent in Chile (Santiago de Chile)
The international short film festival (FeSanCor) in the capital city Santiago, will screen the short in its competitive programme running from October 19-26. More info at www.festivalcortometraje.cl

25 Aug '09
ABYCINE to show the short (Albacete. Spain)
Absent is competing at the international film festival in Albacete, Spain. Dates: 25 September to 2 October. Don’t miss the masterclass given by Barry Gifford, scriptwriter of Lost Highway by David Lynch. See www.abycine.com

25 Aug '09
Another Spanish selection (León. Spain)
Absent has been chosen to compete at the Festival in Astorga, Spain. The programme runs from September 2-12. See www.cineastorga.com

11 Aug '09
Guillermo Asensio, only Spaniard up for a prize in Locarno (Switzerland)
Mateo Sancho, journalist from the Spanish press agency EFE, followed this headline with a detailed article based on an interview with the director Guillermo Asensio. The piece was picked up by top national newspapers in Spain, including El País, La Vanguardia, ABC and El Mundo. To see the article published (in Spanish) in El País click here.

8 Aug '09
Spectacular presentation in Locarno (Switzerland)
In a theatre with around 1000 film lovers and members of the industry, Guillermo Asensio presented his short alongside 4 other directors from China, Romania, Denmark and Brazil. The exceptionally high standard of the short films in the Leopards of Tomorrow programme is backed up by the fact that this section of the festival has witnessed the biggest audience increase.

16 Jul '09
Absent at offical section in Locarno (Switzerland)
Absent has been selected to compete at Europe’s most prestigious independent film festival, Locarno, in Switzerland. The short will compete in the official Leopards of Tomorrow section.

Locarno prides itself on backing unknown, new talent and for being a reference for other first tier festivals around the world. Directors who have been showcased at Locarno include Visconti, Fellini, Mike Leigh, Ken Loach and Wong Kar-Wai. To see the full short film programme click here or go to the festival's official website www.pardo.ch

1 Jul '09
Absent to be screened at Filmets (Badalona. Spain)
The short film will compete at the international film festival held in Badalona (Barcelona) from 6-14th of November 2009. For more info nearer the date, see www.festivalfilmets.cat

12 Jun '09
Absent back in Madrid (Spain)
The short has been selected for the festival in the multicultural neighbourhood of Lavapiés. A quality selection of independent filmmakers’ work will be shown from June 20-28th in the Oeste Celeste space with Absent being screened on the 27th. More info at www.lavapiesdecine.net

29 May '09
Absent short-listed in the official section of Benicàssim (Castellón. Spain)
Apart from the FIB Heineken Music Festival, this massive beachside event includes, amongst other activities, an internationally renowned short film festival. This year the film programme runs from July 13th-16th. More information at www.fiberfib.com/cortos

24 May '09
Television broadcast in Catalunya (Catalonia. Spain)
Absent was shown on the programme Territoris, a series especially dedicated to Mediterranean cinema. The short, which was broadcast alongside the work of the Greek director Kyros Papavassiliou, was presented as “a circular tracking shot around an urban creature”. Co-ordinated by Agustí Argelich and produced by Ramón Millà, this observatory of independent audiovisual creation is a rare find that is not to be missed.

18 May '09
Absent scoops 4 nominations in Madrid (Spain)
El Sector Festival, specialised in digital cinema, has nominated Mònica Muntaner for Best Actress, Sergio Moure for Best Soundtrack, Guillermo Asensio for Best Photography and Absent for Best Short. The screening will take place on May 26th. More info at www.festivaldigitalelsector.info

21 Apr '09
Absent selected for top-ranking Spanish film festival (Huesca. Spain)
Absent will compete in the Iberoamerican short film section at the festival in Huesca. This competition is especially important, as the winner automatically qualifies for the Hollywood Oscars. The full programme has yet to be announced but festival dates are June 4th-13th 2009. For more details and updated info see www.huesca-filmfestival.com

20 Apr '09
Absent in competition at Catalan short film festival (Tarragona. Spain)
Screening dates for the Fic-cat short film festival in Roda Berà (Tarragona) are from May 26-31 For more details see www.fic-cat.cat

11 Feb '09
Guillermo Asensio named academy member
After receiving the nomination for best short by the Catalan Academy of Motion Pictures, the director Guillermo Asensio has been admitted into the ranks of the said academy. As the only short film director on board, he is lobbying to increase the status of short films within official circuits and to promote the idea of a short film as a product in itself and not just a springboard for larger-scale projects.

10 Jan '09
Absent at FEC Festival Cambrils Reus (Tarragona. Spain)
Absent will compete at the European Short Film Festival in Tarragona which will take place from February 25th to 28th. More information soon available at www.fecfestival.com

30 Dec '08
Television broadcast (Catalonia. Spain)
Absent will be broadcast on January 13th 2009 on Catalan television. The short will be shown alongside the 3 other nominees in the “Best Short Film” category of the Gaudí Awards.

25 Dec '08
Absent shortlisted for Curt Ficcions Festival (Barcelona-Madrid)
For the second year running, Curt Ficcions has chosen the work of Guillermo Asensio for their short film festival. The programme will be shown between January 16th -22nd at the Maldà Arts Forum cinema in Barcelona. More information, soon

23 Dec '08
Absent nominated for “Best Short Film” by the Catalan Academy of Motion Pictures
The award ceremony will take place on January 19th and will be broadcast live on TV3 (Televisió de Catalunya). For more information see Catalan Academy of Motion Pictures

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