15 July '10
The Swedish public television service purchases Yellow Fever
The "Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company (UR) has acquired the rights to broadcast the short film "Yellow Fever". This is the most prominent public television channel in Sweden, which specializes primarily in educational content.

Yellow Fever proves, once again, its potential to generate debate and take part in educational programmes. The short has previously participated in the "Educatif" section of the Pamplona Festival (Spain) and the "Lens politika" festival in Helsinki (Finland), where it was the starting point for round- table discussions, debates and conferences.

15 Nov '08
Canadian company Ouat Media to distribute Yellow Fever
Ouat Media, specialists in the global distribution of international short films, will take charge of selling Yellow Fever to television companies and other audiovisual media around the world. This Toronto based initiative is part of the Channel Zero Inc. family of companies which also includes Silver Screen Classics, and Movieola- the Short Film Channel.

1 Nov '08
The"Fever" hits Helsinki
Yellow Fever will be shown at the Lens Politika festival in Helsinki, Finland on November 19th. The film is participating in the "Euphoria Borealis" section where topical shorts are used as a starting point for a round table discussion. For more information, keep an eye on

14 Oct '08
Yellow Fever near Seville (Spain)
The film festival in the town of Dos Hermanas has chosen the short to compete alongside 10 others in the 35mm category. Full details available at

6 Oct '08
Yellow Fever in Madrid (Spain)
The short will be shown at the infamous Boca del Lobo Festival on Monday October 20th at 9 P.M. For more information see

3 Sep '08
International première in Québec (Canada)

Yellow Fever has been selected at the international film festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Québec. Both features and shorts will be shown between October 25th-30th at the Théâtre du cuivre. See full programme at

1 Sep '08
Yellow Fever selected for the educational section in Pamplona (Spain)
The film will be shown to more than 8000 teenagers for educational purposes. All shorts participating in this section are competing for the EDUCATIF award. More information at

25 Aug '08
Selected at the film festival in Girona (Spain)
The 20th edition of the festival is to take place from October 3rd to 12th. Films will be shown in the Casa de Cultura and the cinema Albéniz in the Plaça de Girona.

21 Jul '08
Short-listed in Andalucia (Spain)
Yellow Fever will compete in the 13th edition of the film festival in Cabra (Córdoba) taking place from September 13th-18th. For more information see

15 May '08
Yellow Fever to compete at the Caostica festival in the Basque country (Spain)
The screening will take place on June 5th in the “Taller del Soho” in district 5 in Bilbao.

4 Apr '08
Selected for short film festival in Badajoz (Spain)
The dates for the Iberian film festival of Badajoz are from 16th to 18th of May 2008. Screenings will take place in the López de Ayala theatre, Badajoz.

30 Mar '08
Café Curt has selected Yellow Fever for its screening programme (Lleida-Spain)
The short will be shown on April 30th in the “Cafè del Teatre de l'Escorxador” in Lleida.

27 Feb '08
Winner at Curt-Ficcions (Barcelona-Spain)
Yellow Fever has won the audience award at the renowned festival Curt-Ficcions. The short will be shown before feature films at Yelmo cinemas in 21 Spanish cities.

15 Jan '08
Yellow Fever to close the 10th European Film Festival (Tarragona-Spain)
The short film has been expressly requested for the closing ceremony of the festival that will take place on March 1st in the Rambla cinema of Cambrils, Tarragona.

13 Dec '07
Selected for the short film competition organised by Spanish cinema chain Yelmo Cineplex
Yellow Fever will be screened 10 times at the Cineplex cinemas in Barcelona and Madrid between January 29th and March 6th 2008. Prizes will be awarded by a professional jury as well as by public vote. Stay posted for the results.

13 Dec '07
Screening at Europe’s most important short film market (Clermont-Ferrand-France)
A screening of Yellow Fever has been organised by Catalan Films & TV at the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival in France. The session will take place in the Boris Vian theatre at 9.00 A.M on February 6th 2008.
Guillermo Asensio, director and producer of the short, will be at the Spanish stand for the duration of the festival. Please send an e-mail if you’d like to set up a meeting.

14 Nov '07
Yellow Fever to represent Catalan shorts (Barcelona-Spain)
Yellow Fever has been selected as one of a handful of productions to represent the Catalan short film industry 2007- 2008. “Short-cat” is a new scheme driven by the institution “Catalan Films and TV” to promote Catalan short films both in Spain and abroad.
Amongst other initiatives, a catalogue and DVD with the selected shorts will be presented at international film festivals and markets to festival directors, TV programmers and distribution companies.

5 Nov '07
Acclaim at top Spanish film festival (Valladolid-Spain)
The short film Yellow Fever was received with lively applause at its première on October 31st at the prestigious SEMINCI festival in Valladolid, Spain.
Journalists, professionals, film enthusiasts and supporters of the 7 competing shorts packed out the Calderón theatre and responded to the short film with laughter and surprise. During the festival, numerous professionals from the film industry approached the Yellow Fever team to congratulate them on the quality of the work.
Despite the popularity of the short film, the procedure of the public voting system was such that Yellow Fever wasn’t able to obtain the award in the Spanish short film section.