The Sandwich is a short film featuring Lluís Serrat Masanellas, two times guest at the Cannes film festival (Sancho in Honour of the Knights by Albert Serra) and José Real. Lluís heightens a comical moment with his inimitable acting style and sense of pace. A minimal story that you shouldn't miss.

Two policemen take a sandwich break.

Technical data
Original title The Sandwich
English title The Sandwich
Running time 3 min.
Nationality Spanish
Genre Comedy
End of production 2012
Original version No Dialogues
Shooting format HD SLR (Digital 2K)
Film in black and white
Sound Stereo
Preview copy DVD, PAL, Region 0
Exhibition copy Please ask

Cast & Crew
Actors Lluís Serrat and José Real
Director, script, producer Guillermo Asensio


Copyright © 2011 Guillermo Asensio. All Rights Reserved.